Upstart PosterFringe-Style Festival of Innovative Theatre

Performances: February 1-3 & 8-10, 2007

Venue: Hagey Hall 180, Humanities              Building

Play synopses​

"The Cave": an iambic dramatization of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave as a first-time playwright is being artistically snobbish and academically pretentious

"Ascenseur": what happens when four strangers get stuck in an elevator? They run the conversational gamut from art and sex to bodily functions and politics

"The Wrong Play": in an attempt to rid himself of writer’s block, a young playwright finds himself at Shakespeare camp… and at the centre of an elaborate plot to assassinate a rival writer. However, he learns that sometimes the motivation to write can go beyond murder.

"Interviewing Stu": follows a vampiress as she methodically seeks her ideal mate in a dark comedy that explores the modern, metaphorical purpose of vampires.


Written by - Jason Garramone

Director - Jason Garramone

Stage Manager - Nick Peppiatt


Keriece Harris - Kim

Derek Lindman - John 

Alex Machidon - Alex

Narsimham Chelluri - Will

Crew - Peter Mabrucco, Amy O’Grady

The Cave

Written by - Ciaran Myers

Director - Ciaran Myers

Stage Manager - Garth Graham


Dante Labriola - Andrew

David Lam - Ben

Carina Gaspar - Carla

Amy O’Grady - Stephanie

Crew - Michael Albert, Aimee Villapando

The Children’s Crusade

Written by - Nicholas Cumming

Director -  Nicholas Cumming

Movement Consultant - Tanya Williams

Stage Manager - Janna Youngblut


Nicholas Cumming - Stephen

Katharine Mills - Nicholas

Crew - Ciaran Myers, John Wideman

Conscience for Sale

Written by - Peter Mabrucco

Director -  Peter Mabrucco

Stage Manager - Derek Lindman


Nathanael Gibbs - Waiter, Sam

Julie Kern - Secretary (voice)

Derek Lindman - News Announcer (voice)

Lisa McCallum - Tanya

Brenda Pilatzke - Murphy

Kate Teddiman - Uriel

Reid Vanier - Benny

Crew-  Peter Mabrucco, Jocelyn Urquhart

Interviewing Stu

Written by - Michael Kolodziej

Director - Michelle Logan

Stage Manager - Alisha Kocher


Kandice Seymour - Carmela

Emma Dines - Server, Jenna, Mother’s voice, Colleague, Magdalena

Michael Klein - Stuart Kowalskiski IV

Samuel Houston - Stuart Kowalskiski IV (at ten years old)

Jeremy Hawkins - #6

John Wideman - #9

Josceln Bailey - #11

Crew - Kelly McNeely, Katrina Sauve, Travis Sewchan


Written by - David Couture

Director - David Couture

Stage Manager - Keriece Harris


John Cormier - Guy 1

John Gordner - Guy 2

Michelle Foster - Love Interest

Nathanael Gibbs - Dick

Leigh Lepage - Wench

Crew - Steven Chen, Montgomery Martin 

Quem Quaeritis 

Written by - Bridget Myers

Director -  Bridget Myers

Assistant Director - Joe Recchia

Stage Manager - Carly Verhoeven


John Wideman - Jesus

John Cormier - Simon Peter

Ciaran Myers - John the Beloved

David Couture - Doubting Thomas

Kelly McNeely - Mary Magdalen

Andrea Ferguson - Mary Mother of God

Crew - Dan Cristofori, Lexie Mitchell, Sarah Widmeyer

The Wrong Play

Written by - Michael Albert

Director - G.S. More

Stage Manager - Calla Churchward


Jeremy Hawkins - Sebastian

Morgan Stewart - Tamora

Dan Cristofori - Randy

Greg Carere - Alexander Moan

TBA - Astrid

Crew - Miranda Francis, Heather Muir, Leonard Zgrablic

UpStart Festival

Faculty Advisor - Andy Houston

Production Manager - Melissa Runhart

Stress Case - Fraser Smith

Saver of the Day - Gill Lesperance

Maker of Scary Voices - Scott Spidell

Special Thanks - Peter Carette, The Imprint, Sandy Lesperance, Plant Ops Electrical, Arfie Smith, Mason Spidell