The Same Old Story

The Same Old Story PosterPlays by women, about women, Suffragettes, Equal Pay, Gender Difference, Sexual Harassment, Kids, Sex, etc...

Directed by: Maarten van Dijk 

                    Drama 321 & 421

Performance: November 28, 1987

Venue: UC Playhouse

The Plays Notes

Lady Geraldine's Speech by Beatrice Haraden

​Published in 1911 by the English Women's Suffrage League. Beatrice Haradan was the author of many novels, and was persuaded to write for the women's suffrage theatre by Inez Bensusan, in charge of the Actresses' Franchise League play department. 

The Apple by Inez Bensusan

​An Australian actress, writer, and feminist, Inez Bensusan was the leading light behind the women's suffrage theatre in England. She commisioned plays that would be both entertaining and "political", and her own play is no exception

A Chat with Mrs. Chicky by Evelyn Glover

First performed at the Rehearsal Theatre, London, 1912, with Inez Bensusan as Mrs. Chicky. Evelyn Glover was a feminist writer who was interested in dramatising the arguments of working-class women in particular, because one criticism that was levelled at the women's movement was that only middle-class women would benefit from sexual equality and the vote.

How the West Was Won by Cicely Hamilton and Christopher. St John (Christabel Marshall)

When this play was first performed (1909) the vote was a long way from being won by women in England. But the economic argument proposed by the play to get the vote was typical of Cicely Hamilton who had written a best-selling book called Marriage as a Trade. The play was a smash hit at its first performance at the Royalty Theatre in London.

The Same Old Story by Franca Rame and Dario Fo

The authors are noted for their collaboration on important feminist and political theatre in Italy during the past twenty years, in which a wild popular comedy based on the Commedia dell'arte plays a large part.

Songs Used

The March of the Woman 

This was the Suffragette song. Its words were written by Cicely Hamilton and the music by Dame Ethel Smyth. It was first sung at an Albert Hall meeting in 1911.

She is More to be Pitied than Censured

Pathetic song and chorus. Words & Music by W.M. Grey, 1898.

Lady Geraldine's Speech Cast

Dr. Alice Romney - Corinne Richards

Lady Geraline Boleyn - Deborah Drakeford

Miss Gertrude Silberthwaite - Phyllis Beadle

Miss Nora Baillie - Sue Hallworth

Miss Hilda Crowninshield - Andrea Whitehead

Miss Nellie Grant - Carissa Cameron

Jane - Andrea Ottley

The Apple Cast

Ann Payson - Corinne Richards

Helen Payson - Catherine Wilson

Cyril Payson - Steve Kuleshnyk

Nigel Dean - John Smith

A Chat with Mrs. Chicky Cast

Mrs. Chicky - Andrea Ottley

Mrs. Holbrook - Carissa Cameron

How The West Was Won Cast

Horace Cole - Steve Kuleshnyk

Ethel - Deborah Drakford

Agatha - Phyllis Beadle

Molly - Carissa Cameron

Madame Christine, Winifred - Corinne Richards

Maudie Spark - Andrea Whitehead

Miss Lizzie Wilkins - Andrea Ottley

Lily - Susan Hallworth

Gerald Williams - Catherine Wilson


Director - Maarten van Dijk

               Drama 321 and 421

Technical Co-Ordinator - Phyllis Beadle

Stage Manager - Sue Hallworth

Lighting - Andrea Ottley

Costumes - Carissa Cameron

Props - Phyllis Beadle

Light Operator - Carla Bernachi

Special Thanks

Coalyard Antiques, Kitchener