Tartuffe poster featuring a man in a black maskBy​ Molière

Directed by: Jim Warren

Performances: March 12-15, 2008

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building

The serpent-like hypocrite Tartuffe has entrenched himself firmly in the home of wealthy Parisian patriarch Orgon who, charmed by his seeming piety, is duped into bequeathing to the impostor all of his earthly belongings, including his money, his house, his daughter, and (almost) his wife. Everyone in the Orgon family sees through the scoundrel Tartuffe's machinations, but it will take a great deal of courage and imagination on the part of his wife to save the family from eviction and to keep the innocent from scandal and prison. Performed in a contemporary translation by Ranjit Bolt, Tartuffe was directed by Toronto’s Soulpepper Theatre Company actor/director Jim Warren.


Orgon - Michael Albert

Mariane - Amy O’Grady

Elmire - Kristi Dukovic

Damis - Garth Graham

Mme. Pernelle - Julie Kern

Cleante - Dan Cristofori

Dorine - Whitney Allen

Valère - Adam Proulx

Tartuffe - Reid Vanier

Laurent/Officer - Marc Rowley

Monsieur Loyal - Wes Rowley

Flipote - Eileen Li


Director - Jim Warren

Assistant Director - Michael Klein

Set Design - Kendra Marr, Jessica Moore

Set Design Advisor - William Chesney

Costume Design - Jocelyne Sobeski

Lighting Design - Sharon Reid

Sound Design - Andy Allen


Stage Manager - Shelby Errygers

Assistant Stage Managers - Keriece Harris, Heather Muir, Brenda Pilatzke

Head of Production - Jennifer O’Connor

Production Manager - Miranda E.J. Warner

Technical Consultant - Scott Spidell

Staff Carpenters - Fraser Smith, Brad Stephenson

Head of Carpentry - Marc Rowley

Carpentry Crew - Fran Barker, Jenna Kennedy, Kayla Pratt

Head of Props/Scenic Painting - Kendra Marr, Jessica Moore

Props/Scenic Painting Crew - Fran Barker, Rachel Barna, Paul Carere, Jeremy Hawkins, Kristi Irving, Lisa McCallum, Darcy Patrick, Kate Teddiman

Head of Lighting - Laisa Gillis

Lighting Crew - Jessalyn Broadfoot, Shawn Desouza-Coelho, David lam, Cassandra Piroutz, Amber Regier, Kate Teddiman

Publicity - Robin Atchison

Publicity Crew - Jeremy Hawkins

Poster - Yen Chu Design

Sound Operator - Tom Fawcett

Wardrobe Independent Study - Miranda Francis, Kelly McNeely

Wardrobe Crew - Rachel Barna, Alex Hopf, Maddie Needles, Darcy Patrick, Reanna Sartoretto, Sukhpreet Sangha

Program - Jeremy Hawkins, Michael Klein

Thank You

George Ignatieff Theatre, Trinity College, University of Toronto

Paul Ord at the University of Guelph

Stratford Shakespeare Festival

Gerd Hauck