Tuesdays and Sundays

Tuesdays and Sundays PosterBy Daniel Arnold & Medina Hahn


Directed by: Andy Houston

Performances: September 16-22, 2003

Location: Victoria Park Island, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Tuesdays and Sundays is based on an actual love story that took place in
1887, in a community not unlike our own. The play effectively creates two worlds, the limbo in which young Mary and William awaken at the opening, and the riverside community in which they met and fell in love. The two worlds are not separate, however. Through language and memory, the pair recreate their courtship while still in their dreamlike state, which could be one day, or one hundred years, after their story ended. 
The decision to stage Tuesdays and Sundays in Victoria Park, on the island, came as a response to a desire deep inside this text – and, indeed, inside most young people in love – to escape. Victoria Park Island is a place of play, of nature, of romance, and perhaps most of all, it is a place of escape from the pressures of the surrounding city. Or is it? 
Come join this talented ensemble of performers as they guide you around Victoria Park Island, and become mediums to the dreams, desires, and memories of this enchanting site and story.


Nathan Bender

Marina Brankovic

Natalie Mathieson

Creative Team

Director – Andrew Houston