You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown PosterBook, music and lyrics by Clark Gesner

​Based on the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

Directed by: Joel Greenberg

Performances: October 27-30, 1999

Matinee: October 31, 1999

Location: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building

This musical brought Schulz's cherished PEANUTS characters to the stage with all of their loveable quirks and idiosyncrasies firmly in place. You saw Snoopy, the high-flying beagle with a dream; Sally, Charlie Brown's jump-roping, valentine collecting younger sister; the scheming Lucy, famous dispenser of psychoanalysis for a nickel; the Beethoven-loving, Lucy-deflecting Schroeder; Charlie Brown, that loveable round-headed kid unable to succeed at baseball, football, football-kicking or kite-flying; and Linus, the philosopher of the bunch, with an unnatural dependance on his security blanket. 


Linus - Matt Borch

Snoopy - Brad Goddard 

Sally - Erin Kell

Charlie Brown - Trevor Martin

Schroeder - Paul Moukperian

Lucy - Melissa Roe

Creative Team

Director - Joel Greenberg 

Musical Director - Jamey Rosen 

Set Design - William Chesney 

Costume Designer - Jocelyne Sobeski 

Lighting Designer - Robin Paterson

Sound Designer - Greg Leclair 


Drums - Doug McGregor

Flute- Erin Moffat

Piano - Jamey Rosen 

Keyboard - Sharon Wadley 

Production Team 

Stage Manager - Beth Wingert 

Assistant Stage Manager - Nancy McCune 

Apprentice Stage Manager - Trevor Copp

Student Production Manager - Melanie Klodt 

Technical Director - Scott Spidell

Publicity - Joyce Hahn 

OAC Co-op Student - Cathleen McKague 

Head of lighting - Rob Paul 

LX Board Operator - Marc Barsalou

Lighting Crew - Jef Gagnon, Dave Grant, Roberto Machado

Head of Carpentry - Chris Lee

Carpentry Crew - Frank Canino, Paul Moukperian, Natalie Herr, Meghan Murtha, Meghan Wiggin

Sound - Stacey Bartlett, Raj Gill

Head of Properties - Ted Pegg

Props Crew - Joanne Cope, Jen Waescher

Head of Scenic Painting - Tammy Eveland

Paint Crew - Roisin Bonner, Veronique Bouille, Erin Neilson, Frederik Oerling and Mia Praught

Head of Wardrobe - Kerri Love 

Wardrobe Crew - Erica McNiece 

Publicity Assistants / Head of House - Elizabeth Almeida, Carolyn Magwood

Special thanks 

Bob Curtain, Brian Hendley, Adam Qualter, and Catharine Scott.