To Ride In Triumph

To Ride In Triumph Poster Written and Performed by Douglas Abel

Directed by: Ned Dickens

Performances: January 16, 1988

Venue: Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building

Director's Note

Peter Brook called theatre "the art of the invisible made visible." It is in the moment of this magical manifestation that we find Christopher Marlowe, "master poet, master playwright, Master of Arts, lover...spy." Not the drab shadow we find in abstraction of text, but the whole sensual mass of the man.

Marlowe is a man of vision and of visions; ruled by passions and The Passion, larger than life but bound by it.

The complex circles within circles of having Douglas Abel, playwright, actor and academic, playing this role of his own making have proved both productive and fascinating to work with and are the source of the energy which make our collective vision visible. Or so we hope. It remains to be seen.


Christopher Marlowe - Douglas Abel


Director - Ned Dickens

Script Editor - Elizabeth Abel

Set Design - Cathi Rainville

Lighting Design - Alex Kordics

Costumes - Barb Gosling-Gray

Stage Manager - Mark Mullaly

Assistant Stage Manager - Crystal Hodge

Sound - Bill Gosling

Voices - Laura Astwood