Speech Communication Co-op Reports

Speech Communication Co-Op Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Due Date:

Co-op reports are due on the second Friday of the term after your work term. 


Reports should be addressed to Shannon Hartling, Communication Arts Department.


Reports must follow Arts Co-op Report guidelines.
Speech Communication guidelines outlined in each report type further clarify specific requirements of the reports but do not supersede the Arts guidelines.

Types of Report:

Each co-op student must complete PD1 and this is counted as one co-op report.
Students from 1A to 2B must complete a narrative analysis report, a
nd students from 3A to 4B may choose to complete either a narrative analysis or an organizational communication report.
For both types of report, you must engage in research into communication theory which may include, but which cannot be limited to, textbooks from Speech Communication courses.


Reports will be read by a member of the Speech Communication faculty. Currently this faculty member is Dr. Shannon Hartling. You may also make your report available to your supervisor at your co-op placement, although you are not required to do so. If you write a confidential report, the report will be graded by the Speech Communication faculty member and no others will have access; this means that your report will be ineligible for co
-op report awards.
No co-op report may be graded by your supervisor at your co-op placement.


Please direct any questions regarding submission of reports or general faculty of arts guidelines to Ceylan Enver. Please direct any questions regarding the substance of your report to Shannon Hartling.