Why study Speech Communication?

Speech Communication is a Humanities discipline that examines meaning making in everyday contexts: at work, at home, and in life.  

Our program emphasizes experiential learning in small classes to help students become pragmatic and creative individuals.  In such an environment, students have a chance to master the critical competencies necessary for promoting social change and becoming responsible professional leaders.

Those critical communication competencies include: speaking, writing, small group deliberation, building interpersonal relationships, digital performance, organizational leadership, intercultural awareness, and many others.

Graduates from our program are prepared for future participation in a number of diverse fields and have a wide range of career choices, such as advertising, marketing, management, public relations, political organizing and public affairs, as well as law and professional schools.

For information about requirements, declaring a major or minor, or general questions about the program, please contact the Undergraduate Advisor: Ceylan Enver