Our People - Fellows and Research Associates

Nusa Zidaric,  Post-doc Fellow  (June 2020 - ), hardware implementation of  lightweight cryptography for IoT.

PhD student (Winter 2015 - Winter 2020 ), (co-supervisors: Prof. Mark Aagaard and Prof. Guang Gong), Thesis:  Automated Design Space Exploration and Datapath Synthesis for Finite Field Arithmetic with Applications to Lightweight Cryptography.

Master student (September 2012 - August 2014). Thesis: Hardware Implementations of the WG-16 Stream Cipher with Composite Field Arithmetic.

Fellows and Research Associates; Past students, Post-Doc Fellows and Scholars

Post-doc Fellow (Nov, 2019 - ), blockchain privacy,  zkSNARKs by PCP compilers.

Fellows and Research Associates