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News and Events

  • Renison/UWaterloo students, Hannah Gardiner and Daniel Afzal won the First Prize and Excellency award respectively at the Ontario-Manitoba University Students Chinese Proficiency Competition. Gardiner received the highest score of the fourteen competitors for both her speech "One World One Family" and her musical performance of a classical piece of Chinese music, "Farewell". Afzal won the Excellency Award with his speech of the same name and his singing of a popular Chinese song "How Are You My Friend".


  • Associate professor Yan Li delivered a keynote speech at Harvard University.

  • Consul General Bing Xue, Consul General of China lectured about China's Diplomacy and Economy

  • The Confucius Institute hosted a Chinese New Year Tea Party and featured Chinese Food & Tea, Kung fu Performance, Paper Cutting and Displays. The event was featured on 365nettv


  • Professor James Miller, a professor Chinese Religions and Director of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program at Queen's University Spoke about The State of Religion in China Today

  • Song Lam QSM, Chinese New Zealand writer, spoke about  The Similarities between Maori and Chinese Cultures And Deeper meaning of Maori Tattoo & Marae

  •  The Confucius Institute hosted a book and photo exhibition from May 30 to June 2 at Renison University College. The opening day of the Chinese Book and Photo Exhibition to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of World War II featured an opening ceremony and a public cultural exchange forum with scholars from China and Canada

  • The Confucius Institute is sponsored a Chinese delegation from Pathlight, an English language magazine in China, to visit Renison and give a talk during the World Literature course.

  • featured an interview with Professor Yan Li. The article, Unique Interpretation of Feminine Experiences in New Immigrant Literature, was written based on an interview Li gave last fall. 

  • Professor Yan Li was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Canada-China Scholarship Exchange Program Reception, held on December 14, 2015 at the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, co-sponsored by China Scholarship Council and Canadian Embassy in China

  • On December 7, 2015, during the 10th Global CI Conference held at the Shanghai Expo Conference Center, SHISU and Renison signed the Cooperation Agreement to build the CI in Waterloo Renison

  • Sunday, November 15, Professor Yan Li was the keynote speaker at a forum organized by Toronto Canada-China Friendship Association in Toronto.

  • Professor Yan Li served as a judge for the “Chinese Panda Cup” Students’ Chinese Essay Competition

  • Professor Yan Li’s new book, The Last Love Letter from Dr. Norman Bethunelaunched on September 9, 2015 in Beijing, China by The Commercial Press

  • A 50,000 word essay by Yan Li was published as the feature story in the May 2015 issue of Writer Magazine in China.

  • Professor Yan Li has been invited to give a presentation on “Bilingual Creative Writing and Translation” at the Worldwide Chinese language Teaching and Chinese Culture Symposium 







First Place: Waterloo student David Dales

Second Place: Waterloo student Katie Meredith