What programs does Community and Professional Education offer?

Community and Professional Education (CAPE) offers programs and courses in various areas of study including language, culture, and spirituality. CAPE's diverse catalogue of offerings, offered in partnership with various institutes, schools, and program coordinators, boasts an option for all. 

Language and Culture Learning Program 

With courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, CAPE's language and culture learning program offers courses that cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to, basic to advanced language acquisition, Manga, calligraphy, traditional medicine and much more. For further information, contact cape@uwaterloo.ca.

Sakura Japanese Language School 

A program designed to educate children ages 4 - 10, the Sakura Japanese Language School focuses on developing children's ability in Japanese language and knowledge and awareness of Japanese culture. For further information, contact cape@uwaterloo.ca.

Renison Institute of Ministry Courses & Events

With an eclectic mix of courses, workshops, and events, Renison Institute of Ministry (RIM) has an option for all those seeking to be part of an enquiring theological community. Topics are many and range from Old and New Testament studies to physician assisted dying to Harry Potter and God. 

Options are also available for those who would like to obtain a Certificate in Christian Studies or those who would like to work toward a Licentiate in Theology (LTh). For further information, contact cape@uwaterloo.ca.

English Language Programs

The English Language Institute (ELI) at Renison offers a plethora of English language learning options from short-term summer cultural immersion experiences to long-term academic preparation programs. For further information, please contact eli@uwaterloo.ca.