Registration form for Community and Professional Education programs

This form may be used to register for the following Community and Professional Education (CAPE) programs:

  • Renison Institute of Ministry
  • Indigenous Studies - Reconciliation Courses
  • Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language and culture courses
  • Sakura Japanese language school 

Registration for the Spring 2019 Reconciliation course is OPEN.

Registration for Winter 2019 language/culture courses is CLOSED.

Registration for 2018 to 2019 RIM courses/events is CLOSED.

NOTE: We are not currently accepting applications for the ACE-TESOL certificate program.

To register for English Language Institute programs, please visit their webpage.

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NOTE: Registration for Winter 2019 Renison Institute of Ministry courses is currently closed and we are not accepting registrations. 

NOTE: Registration for Winter 2019 language/culture courses is currently closed and we are not accepting registrations.