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From public lectures to signature celebrations such as Canada Day, we're honoured to invite our community to the University of Waterloo.

Volunteer Profile: Yanish Jutton

This story is part of the #UWCommunity National Volunteer week series, profiling University of Waterloo members who give their time and talent by volunteering in our community.

Yanish Jutton loves to help people solve problems.

A current University of Waterloo undergraduate student who recently made the switch from Systems Design Engineering to Knowledge Integration, Yanish has discovered that he’s especially passionate about different forms of learning and leadership, and regularly volunteers his time and knowledge in order to help people and teams grow:

“Volunteering also helps me develop personally because I find out so much more about what I do like and what I don’t like.”

Volunteer Profile: Paul Parker

This story is part of the #UWCommunity National Volunteer week series, profiling University of Waterloo members who give their time and talent by volunteering in our community.

Paul Parker simply wants to help change the world.

Currently the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and the Director of the Economic Development Program for the University of Waterloo’s School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development, Paul has been actively working and researching on our campus for 24 years while continuously giving his time to volunteer initiatives in our community. Always busy crossing departments and bridging gaps between communities, Paul feels blessed to have a job where he encounters new and enthusiastic people every year who also want to help make the world a better place:

“Where do we change the world? It’s one person and one community at a time.” 

International Women’s Week

International Women’s Day is an annual worldwide celebration that honors women's achievements, marking March 8th as a time to uphold female success, face challenges head on, and focus greater attention on gender equality to mobilize all people to do their part.

Thousands of events are held across the world, with the hope of inspiring individuals to think globally, but act locally. During the week, there are a number of diverse campus and community activities where the University of Waterloo recognizes and celebrates the importance of this day.

Our campus had opportunities to lean in and get involved in activities like film screenings, interactive sports, and a feminist photo booth during the week of action put on by the Federation of Students service, The Women’s Centre.

The Women’s Centre Bra & Panty Drive

Imagine being female, living on the street or in a shelter, with no access to menstrual products or clean undergarments.

Sadly, this is a real problem that many girls and women in this predicament face. Although most shelters receive loads of donated hygiene products and articles of clothing, female-specific essentials remain scarce. Consequently, women residing in these conditions often have to make do or go without.

Haircuts for Hope

This past January 23rd 2015, a few simple snips made a big difference.

By hosting Haircuts for Hope in the SLC Atrium, the Renison Academic Counsel and the Social Development Studies Society were able to raise over $500 for the local charity, Monica Place: a shelter in Waterloo Region that provides a safe and healthy environment for pregnant and parenting youth.

Stratford campus is building connections to our community

The University of Waterloo appreciates the remarkable opportunity that the City of Stratford has provided in welcoming us into the community. This is a long-term relationship that will be a core component of Stratford's bright economic future. 

We have already experienced substantial success here in Stratford. From a standing start just three years ago, we were pleased to welcome 350 students to classes in Stratford this past September.

Women's Hockey Family Literacy Day

The University of Waterloo Women’s Hockey Team partnered with the Waterloo Public Library during “Stories N’Skate for Family Literacy Day” to provide an afternoon of fun for the whole family. The Lady Warriors were able to interact with the children one-on-one through crafts, activities and stories before everyone headed onto the ice for the free skate. The purpose of this event was to help the community join together in nurturing future generations through literacy and activities. The Stories N’Skate encourages children to enjoy reading and to stay active throughout their lives, while also giving the Warrior athletes an opportunity to give back to their community that has supported them through their athletic careers.

Alzheimer Awareness Month

At the University of Waterloo our research positively impacts our society and the lives of those in our community. At the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP), in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences,  research and educational activities are intergrated in an effort to improve dementia care practices in Canada. MAREP works with researchers, people with dementia, families, staff and community members in the Waterloo region to build knowledge around effective practices for care and support.

Join UWaterloo to Take Back the Night

All students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to join the University of Waterloo and participate in Waterloo Region's 31st annual Take Back the Night rally and march.  Take Back the Night addresses the rights of women, children, and trans*people to be safe, without violence, regardless of age, creed, location, numbers, or attire.   

Photo courtesy of the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region

Global Business and Digital Arts Orientation

On September 4th, 2014 the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus welcomed 135 incoming and upper year students, professors and staff for Orientation 2014.  Students had the chance to learn more about their program, and to experience all that the City of Stratford has to offer. 


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