Building a sustainable walkway for our campus

If you have been around the Davis Centre recently, you would have noticed the refurbished pathway in the DC courtyard.  The Davis Centre Redevelopment Project, which involved paving an egress created by frequent foot traffic, was established in August 2013 originating from Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI).  

completed pathway

Sustainable Campus Initiative is a Federation of Students' service that is run by dedicated student volunteers. SCI works to engage undergraduate students and the University as a whole in the topic of environmental sustainability by advocating for and coordinating policies, practices, and initiatives in order to create a more sustainable campus. 

In partnerships with the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT), SCI sought to create a more inviting pathway, while educating our campus about successful paving alternatives. As such, the Davis Centre Redevelopment Project was completed using environmentally friendly, permeable paving solutions, which were donated by Oaks Pavers. 

The pavement stones are a permeable solution, meaning that they allow for water to irrigate between the stones to promote healthy ground systems.  Permeable paving solutions avoid surface runoff by filtering water through well-spaced stones to allow for maximum irrigation to underground soil systems.  In future years, SCI hopes that students will be able to enjoy a healthy courtyard with the elimination of ice and mud build-up on the walkway.

Elspeth Holland, third-year Environment and Business student, was the project lead.  ‘SCI is incredibly proud to have completed a construction project entirely driven by students. We are overjoyed with the support we have received from staff, students and faculty’, said Holland. ‘This project proves that students can contribute towards the campus that they want to have. We hope that more students will take on large projects with big impacts in the future.’

pathway during construction

The Davis Cetnre Redevelopment Project received support from multiple sources including, the Dean of Mathematics, Math endowment fund, mathematics society, federation of students,  plant operations, and Oaks Pavers and Helmutz interlock.

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