Volunteers are the heart of our United Way campaign

This story is part of the #UWCommunity National Volunteer Week 2016 series, profiling volunteer-driven University of Waterloo initiatives that help make a difference in our community.

At first glance some of the things United Way volunteers do, for example, baking a cake for a bake sale, may seem small. But when that cake is sold at a bake sale in support of the United Way, the value of that cake grows. The funds raised could provide a meal for a family in need, support individuals getting back on their feet after a troubling time, or assist a family that can’t afford after-school sports. Talk about making a difference!  

Volunteers decked out in red and white for United Way

A volunteer is defined as: a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or purpose. Our volunteers put that definition into action. They recognize the positive changes they can help bring about in our communities. They go the extra mile to plan, organize and run events, raising money to support the important work the United Way does. They encourage our generous campus community to look beyond Ring Road and make an impact in our wider community so that everyone feels included and supported. In short, our volunteers are this campaign.

Over 100 United Way volunteersUWaterloo's official United Way campaign month is October, and while we thanked our nearly 100 volunteers last fall, we know that our volunteers are committed year-round. National Volunteer Week is an opportunity for us to thank them again and celebrate giving, volunteering and charitable engagement, a week to highlight the incredible impact made possible in our community by all those involved in volunteerism. It is the perfect time of year to draw attention to all the efforts made by so many of our colleagues across campus who devote their days to helping others.

To our volunteers we say: please know that everything you do helps make our community a better place to live. Thank you!

IQC volunteers stand in front of baked treats

From April 10 to 16, 2016, we invite you to join in the conversation by celebrating and recognizing individuals, groups, committees and clubs at Waterloo who actively make a difference through volunteering. Share your photos, comments, or words of thanks on Twitter and Instagram using #UWCommunity and #NVW2016.

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