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From public lectures to signature celebrations such as Canada Day, we're honoured to invite our community to the University of Waterloo.

Tutoring Beyond Borders inspires the next generation of students

Tutoring Beyond Borders

Providing free one-on-one tutoring services to students in Grades 7 through 12, Tutoring Beyond Borders (TBB) helps bridge the gap between high school and university students in our community. Launched in 2010 by a University of Waterloo undergraduate student, TBB acknowledges the financial burden of paying for private tutoring services, offering regional high-schoolers opportunities to seek extra help with their studies and connect directly with current university students who can offer insight on their undergraduate experiences.

UWaterloo interactive showcase contributes to a healthier community

This past Saturday, September 19, the University of Waterloo’s Department of Kinesiology partnered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation to deliver an interactive showcase — entitled Quiet Research, Loud Resultsat the Tech Town building in the R+T Park. Featuring live demonstrations and exhibits, our community had the opportunity to participate in a nutrition session, as well as learn about the latest advances in cardiovascular research and new ways to live a more heart-friendly life.

New Renison University College language courses open to the community

Learning another language exposes individuals to new cultures and global methods of communication, allowing them to develop a broad perspective for living in a multicultural society. This unique skill also gives learners an opportunity to explore different communities while building professional skills that can be applied to any industry. Evolving this asset can be incredibly beneficial for those who are looking to speak and understand locals when traveling abroad, providing them with a richer experience and the ability to connect with cultural contacts.

Let's Talk Science Challenge

Last Friday, April 24th, the University of Waterloo hosted one of the largest competitions for the Let’s Talk Science Challenge, happening at 23 universities and colleges across Canada throughout April and May. Nearly 250 students in grades 6, 7, and 8 from Waterloo Region united on our campus to explore, discover, and compete, supported by over 50 Waterloo Science student volunteers, faculty, and staff as part of the university’s national Let’s Talk Science Outreach program.

Volunteer Profile: Yanish Jutton

This story is part of the #UWCommunity National Volunteer week series, profiling University of Waterloo members who give their time and talent by volunteering in our community.

Yanish Jutton loves to help people solve problems.

A current University of Waterloo undergraduate student who recently made the switch from Systems Design Engineering to Knowledge Integration, Yanish has discovered that he’s especially passionate about different forms of learning and leadership, and regularly volunteers his time and knowledge in order to help people and teams grow:

“Volunteering also helps me develop personally because I find out so much more about what I do like and what I don’t like.”

Stratford campus is building connections to our community

The University of Waterloo appreciates the remarkable opportunity that the City of Stratford has provided in welcoming us into the community. This is a long-term relationship that will be a core component of Stratford's bright economic future. 

We have already experienced substantial success here in Stratford. From a standing start just three years ago, we were pleased to welcome 350 students to classes in Stratford this past September.

Alzheimer Awareness Month

At the University of Waterloo our research positively impacts our society and the lives of those in our community. At the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program (MAREP), in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences,  research and educational activities are intergrated in an effort to improve dementia care practices in Canada. MAREP works with researchers, people with dementia, families, staff and community members in the Waterloo region to build knowledge around effective practices for care and support.

20th Annual Science Open House sparks science discovery

On Saturday, October 25th, the University of Waterloo opened its doors for their Science Open House.   This year marked the 20th anniversary of this annual event and we welcomed over 1,500 visitors from our community for a day of engaging science discovery.

Aspiring young scientists spent the day exploring nearly 100 different hands-on activities centred on the different scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, pharmacy and optometry.

Summer camps, the Waterloo way

The benefits that camps and enrichment programs have on the development of children are widely known.  Through our diverse year-round programing, the University of Waterloo strives to meet the needs of our community and have a positive impact in shaping the minds of tomorrow's leaders. 

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