Arts, culture & diversity: Community partnerships

Not only does the University of Waterloo celebrate arts, culture, and diversity on our campus, but we actively contribute to our community through various partnerships with regional organizations enhancing the creative and culture sector in Waterloo Region and beyond.  

City of Waterloo's Culture Plan

Students, faculty and staff contributed to the development of the City of Waterloo’s Culture Plan. Approved by Waterloo City Council in 2013, the plan identifies the need to work closely with post-secondary institutions and stakeholders to break down barriers between campuses and the community.

Creative Enterprise Initiative

Through a multi-year investment, the University of Waterloo supports the region’s Creative Enterprise Initiative (CEI). CEI facilitates and sets the stage for creative endeavours to be successful, self-sufficient, and thriving in Waterloo Region, with the goal of helping to attract and retain talent. Waterloo champions - a community-driven website that promotes and connects the community, the creative sector, cultural venues, and events throughout the region.

Immigration Partnership Council

The University of Waterloo participates in the Region’s Immigration Partnership Council and actively contributed to the development of the Community Action Plan. A community partnership of over 100 organizations and representatives in the settlement, health, social services, business, employment, and education systems, the Council works together to enhance our collective potential for positively supporting and impacting the successful settlement and integration of local immigrants.