Sustainability: Community partnerships

The University of Waterloo is well positioned to lead the way in sustainability efforts by taking the steps to create change through research and connections with a number of partners:   

Sustainable Waterloo Region

Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) is an important partner to the University of Waterloo, with many of our faculty and students embedded in the organization as volunteers and in experiential learning roles.

As part of our partnership with SWR, Waterloo is an observing member of the Regional Carbon Initiative, actively working to reduce our university’s carbon footprint.

Climate Action Plan

Waterloo faculty contributed to the creation of Waterloo Region’s Climate Action Plan, sharing expertise related to residential energy, transportation, agriculture, and food. The plan leverages Waterloo Region’s collective efforts towards achieving a community-scale GHG reduction target, leading to higher quality of life throughout our region.

REEP Green Solutions

REEP Green Solutions is an environmental, non-profit organization empowering our community towards sustainable living and providing the services, tools and programs people need to use energy and water wisely.

The Faculty of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo was one of the original founders of REEP in 1999; today, the University continues to provide in-kind support and resources for REEP, as well guidance and advice through representation on its Board of Directors.

Sustainable Campus Initiative

Our University’s Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), led by Waterloo’s Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA), uses education and advocacy to help bring about positive behavioural and social change in the community.

Sustainable Campus Initiative provides volunteer opportunities to over 200 students every term with projects such as workshops, rallies, social events, performances, fundraisers, and infrastructure and operational improvements. It also offers environmental consulting services to students and various organizations at the University of Waterloo and in Waterloo Region.