UWaterloo participates in Canstruction 2017

Student and staff volunteers from the University of Waterloo came together to celebrate the University of Waterloo’s 60th anniversary by participating in The Food Bank of Waterloo Region’s annual Canstruction event.

Similar to CanBuild, Canstruction engages the Waterloo region community to use their talents to build a unique structure out of food that will support those struggling with food insecurity. In partnership with the Federation of Students Food Bank, the #UWaterloo60 team built an anniversary-themed structure made out of 1,327 canned food items. Offering two perspectives thanks to engineering and design advice from Waterloo’s Engineering Society, the stack of black and yellow cans look different from the side and the top, commemorating the University’s special anniversary and our rich history of giving back to our community.

Group photo

Canstruction structure

Thanks to our substantial partnership, the University is proud to share that a donation of 1,327 food items from our #UWaterloo build will be given back to the Federation of Students’ Food Bank to help raise awareness of hunger and the need for food on campus.

UWaterloo CanBuild

UWaterloo CanBuild began in 2014 and is our annual campus wide food drive. More than just a typical food drive, UWaterloo CanBuild strives to raise awareness of hunger and the need for food, both our on campus and in the community.

By engaging the campus community to develop teams, collaborate with colleagues, and put their creative skills to work, each team designs and builds a structure out of the food donations they collect.

Through a partnership with the Federation of Students, all food collected by the university supports The Feds Food Bank and The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

UWaterloo CanBuild 2016

Through the hard work and dedication of 14 participating teams across our campuses, this year we were able to collect a total of 6,300 cans, increasing our impact by 40% with all donated food items going to the The Feds Food Bank and the The Food Bank of Waterloo Region. That equals 6,173 pounds of food for our community!