Professor, University of Waterloo

Chris BauchChris Bauch is a professor of applied mathematics at the University of Waterloo. He studies epidemiological and ecological systems with a particular emphasis on evaluating interventions such as vaccines. He is particularly interested in coupling models of human behaviour with models of disease dynamics or ecological dynamics. Examples of research include developing coupled human-environment system models of human impacts on mosaic ecosystems (joint work with Madhur Anand), testing predictive models of parental vaccinating behaviour during pediatric vaccine scares, optimizing cervical cancer screening and immunization programs in Ontario, and evaluating the cost-effectiveness of global measles eradication.

He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals, including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of teh United States of America [PNAS], Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, PLoS Computational Biology, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, and others. His research has been funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada [NSERC], Canadian Institutes of Health Research [CIHR] , GlaxoSmithKline, the United States Food and Drug Administration, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Health Organization. He is also a recipient of a CIHR New Investigator Salary Award, a MRI Early Researcher Award, a Marshall Scholarship, an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and a Guelph Top 40 under 40 Award.

University of Waterloo