Executive director, Institute for New Economics

Eric BeinhockerEric Beinhocker is the executive director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s INET@Oxford research program (Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford), a member of the Said Business School at Oxford, and a visiting professor of economics at Central European University. He has a BA in economics from Dartmouth College and an MS in management science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technoloty IT Sloan School where he was the Henry Ford II Scholar.

Prior to joining Oxford, Beinhocker had an 18 year career at McKinsey & Company where he was a partner and held leadership roles in McKinsey’s strategy practice, its sustainability and resource productivity practice, and the McKinsey Global Institute. He has also held research appointments at the Harvard Business School, the MIT Sloan School, been a visiting scholar at the Santa Fe Institute, and an executive director of the Corporate Executive Board. Prior to his McKinsey and academic careers, Beinhocker was a venture capitalist with Summit Partners and a software entrepreneur.

Beinhocker writes extensively on economic, business, and policy issues and his work has appeared in the Financial Times, Newsweek, The Times, Harvard Business Review, and various academic journals. He is the author of The Origin of Wealth, one of Amazon’s “Top Ten Business Books” in 2006. Beinhocker is currently chairman of the Growth and Shared Prosperity Commission for the Institute for Public Policy Research.

University of Waterloo