Aaditya Suratkar Bio Picture
Western University


Aaditya Suratkar is currently a doctoral candidate at in Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department at Western university, London, under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Wood and co-supervision of Dr. John Montesano. He completed his M.Sc. with Honours in Chemical Product Engineering at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, where he worked on development of biomimetic semi-flexible micellar networks and simultaneously conducted a first ever study on electrical breakdown phenomenon in novel self-healing epoxy/mica composites. He also worked at Fraunhofer Institut für chemische Technologie (ICT), Germany, where he investigated the influence of fibre-matrix adhesion on mechanical properties and crystallization kinetics in fibre reinforced thermoplastics. His current research involves quasi-static characterization of non-crimp fabric carbon fibre/epoxy composites and energy-based modelling of failure.


Title of Research: Constitutive characterization and modeling of failure in non-crimp fabric fiber/epoxy composites