Devon Hartlen Bio Pic
EC4 (East Campus 4)


Devon completed his Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University in 2016. He remained at Dalhousie University to complete his Master's of Applied Science (2018), with a focus on constitutive modelling, inverse analysis, and characterization of large deformation behaviour of sintered powder metal components.

Devon began his doctoral studies at the University of Waterloo in 2019 with the support of the Advanced Manufacturing Fellowship and the NSERC CGS-D. His area of research is in the characterization and modelling of the interfacial properties of co-cured fibre reinforced polymer-metal components under quasi-static and high strain rate loading conditions.

Title of Research

Characterization and modelling of co-cured FRP-Metal interface behaviour under quasi-static and high rate loading