Zohreh Asaee Pic
EC4 (East Campus 4)


I am a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Waterloo within the Forming and Crash lab. My research has been focused on the development and characterization of lightweight composite-metal hybrid material systems. I hold an MSc degree in structural engineering with particular interest in structural health monitoring and a BSc degree in Civil engineering from Shiraz University of Iran. I have completed my PhD at Dalhousie University within the Advanced Composite and Materials Engineering lab. My PhD research was focused on the development of a novel hybrid composite material for application in the automotive industry. Throughout my PhD research, I introduced a newly developed 3D fiber metal laminate. I have conducted extensive research (both experimentally and computationally) on the mechanical behaviour of the proposed material under static and impact loading conditions. In particular, the low velocity impact response of the material has been systematically investigated.

Title of Research: Development of hybrid materials and structures combining start-of-the-art metallic and composite material systems