Affiliated members

Name Department Research interests

Adam Kolkiewicz

Statistics and Actuarial Science Statistics and financial mathematics
Alexander Schied Statistics and Actuarial Science Applied probability and mathematical finance
Ali Ghodsi Statistics and Actuarial Science Machine learning, Big data, Deep learning, Unsupervised learning, Dimensionality reduction
Anita T. Layton Applied Mathematics Mathematical Biology and Medicine
Arne Storjohann Computer Science Symbolic and Exact Linear Algebra, Algorithmic Number Theory
Ben Feng Statistics and Actuarial Science Computational Finance, Computational Optimization, Monte Carlo and Stochastic Methods
Bin Li Statistics and Actuarial Science Actuarial science, applied probability, mathematical finance, and partial differential equations
Brian Ingalls Applied Mathematics Applications of Systems and Control Theory to Molecular Systems Biology and to Synthetic Biology
Chaitanya Swamy Combinatorics and Optimization Combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, algorithmic game theory, stochastic optimization, network design, scheduling, and online algorithms. 
Chengguo Weng Statistics and Actuarial Science 

Stochastic optimization, predictive analytics for insurance and finance, portfolio optimization

Chris Bauch Applied Mathematics Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems, Applications of Machine Leaning to Ecology, Infectious Diseases and Sustainability
Chris Fletcher Geography and Environmental Management Atmospheric circulation in determining regional patterns of temperature and precipitation
Chris Godsil Combinatorics and Optimization Cover, Homomorphisms and Colorings, EKR Theorems, Complex Lines, Graph Spectra
Christiane Lemieux Statistics and Actuarial Science Quasi-Monte Carlo methods and their applications
Christopher Batty Computer Science Physics-Based Animation
Dan Brown Computer Science Understanding of sequential data, joining ideas from evolutionary theory with probabilistic modeling and discrete mathematical ideas.
David Gosset Combinatorics and Optimization The theory of quantum computing, quantum algorithms and quantum complexity theory.
Eric Schost Computer Science

Computer algebra, from polynomial system solving to efficient polynomial and power series arithmetic 

Francis Poulin Applied Mathematics Geophysical fluid dynamics, Stochastic differential equations, Biological fluid dynamics, Computational mathematics
George Labahn Computer Science Computer Algebra with a secondary area being in the field of Computational Finance
Giang Tran Applied Mathematics Sparse Modeling and Sparse Optimization Methods, Data Science, Image Processing and Medical Imaging, Compressed Sensing
Gladimir Baranoski Computer Science Predictive simulation of light interactions with organic materials and the biophysically-based rendering of natural phenomena
Greg Rice Statistics and Actuarial Science Functional Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Change Point Analysis, Panel Data, and Central Limit Theory for Stationary Processes
Hans De Sterck Applied Mathematics

Large-scale scientific computing, Multilevel numerical linear algebra methods, Numerical methods for PDEs, Novel platforms for scientific computing including GPUs and clouds, Computational fluid dynamics

Henry Shum Applied Mathematics Biological fluid dynamics, microswimmers, biological and chemical reaction networks, numerical methods for fluid-structure interactions 
Henry Wolkowicz Combinatorics and Optimization

Optimization; Mathematical Programming (linear, nonlinear, semidefinite programming, semi-infinite); Low Rank Matrix Completions, Compressive Sensing; Quadratic Assignment, Graph Partitioning, Knapsack Problems; Numerical Analysis (numerical linear algebra); Convex Analysis; Matrix Theory (eigenvalue bounds, invariant cones); Generalized Inverses (operators and matrices)

Ilias Kotsireas Wilfrid Laurier University (Department of Physics & Computer Science) Symbolic Computation, Computer Algebra, Computational Algebra, Combinatorial Matrix Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, Commutative Algebra & Algebraic Geometry, Computer Algebra, Combinatorial Designs, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics
Jeff Orchard Computer Science Computational neuroscience, using mathematical models and computer simulations of neural networks to understand how the brain works
Jesse Hoey Computer Science Artificial intelligence, affective computing, and health informatics
Jochen Koenemann Combinatorics and Optimization Approximation Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory, Combinatorial Optimization
Jun Liu Applied Mathematics Computational aspects of control and dynamical systems
Justin Wan Computer Science Numerical solutions of partial differential equations, iterative methods, and multigrid preconditioning with applications in medical image registration, cell image segmentation, tracking of cell images, computational finance, and parallel computation on high performance platforms.
Katerina Papoulia Applied Mathematics

Continuum mechanics, finite element methods in mechanics, crack propagation, failure mechanics, composite materials.

Ken Seng Tan  Statistics and Actuarial Science Intersection of actuarial science, finance, mathematics, and statistics
Kevin Hare Pure Mathematics Number theory, Fractal geometry
Kevin Lamb Applied Mathematics Nonlinear waves, Internal gravity waves and surface water waves, Hydrodynamic instabilities and mixing, Physical oceanography and limnology, Coupling of hydrodynamic and bio-geochemical processes in lakes, Computational fluid dynamics
Kimon Fountoulakis Computer Science

Algorithms for convex optimization with applications in machine learning problems such as local graph clustering, community detection, regression and classification. 

Kirsten Morris Applied Mathematics

Infinite-dimensional control systems, Computation of controllers for systems modelled by partial differential equations, Optimal actuator/sensor location, Robust control of smart materials, Hysteresis

Levent Tunçel Combinatorics and Optimization Mathematical optimization, mathematics of operations research and foundations of computational mathematics
Lilia Krivodonova Applied Mathematics Discontinuous Galerkin methods, Error estimation and adaptive methods, Finite element methods, Numerical solution of PDEs in complex geometries, Hyperbolic conservation laws
Marek Stastna Applied Mathematics Stratified fluid dynamics in lakes and the coastal oceans, The climate dynamics, Wave dynamics in porous media
Marius Hofert Statistics and Actuarial Science Development of mathematical, statistical and computational tools in copula modeling
Mario Ghossoub Statistics and Actuarial Science Ambiguity and model uncertainty in risk sharing, risk measurement, and optimal insurance design.
Mark Giesbrecht Computer Science Computer algebra, algebraic algorithms and computational complexity
Martin Lysy Statistics and Actuarial Science Continuous stochastic processes, Graphical and hierarchical modeling, Mediation analysis
Matthias Schonlau Statistics and Actuarial Science Applied survey sampling and survey methodology, machine learning from text data such as open-ended questions as well as software implementation of his research
Michael Rubinstein Pure Mathematics Number Theory
Michael Wallace Statistics and Actuarial Science Causal inference, with a specific focus on dynamic treatment regimes (DTRs) and personalized medicine
Michael Waite Applied Mathematics Turbulence in rotating stratified fluids, Vortices in stratified fluids, Mesoscale atmospheric dynamics, Tropical convection
Michelle Delcourt Combinatorics and Optimization Extremal combinatorics and structural graph theory
Mu Zhu Statistics and Actuarial Science Statistical machine learning and multivariate analysis, with their applications in health informatics, bioinformatics, and data mining
Olga Veksler Computer Science Visual correspondence (stereo, motion) and image segmentation
Pascal Poupart Computer Science Artificial intelligence and more precisely in the areas of reasoning under uncertainty and machine learning, with application to health informatics and natural language processing
Paul Marriott Statistics and Actuarial Science Theoretical and applied work
Peter Forsyth Computer Science Financial derivative securities
Ricardo Fukasawa Combinatorics and Optimization Mixed Integer Programming (theory and computation), Operations Research, Polyhedral Combinatorics, Combinatorial Optimization
Robert Gracie Civil and Environmental Engineering Geomechanics and Risks of Hydraulic Fracturing for Shale Gas Development
Roberto Guglielmi Applied Mathematics Control of finite and infinite dimensional systems, optimization with PDE-constraints, model predictive control, stability of dynamical systems and feedback controls, and applications to finance and natural sciences.
Ruodu Wang Statistics and Actuarial Science Actuarial science, quantitative risk management, mathematical finance, operations research, applied probability, and statistics.
Ryan Browne Statistics and Actuarial Science Statistical Computing and Data Visualization
Samuel Wong Statistics and Actuarial Science Statistical computation for data-driven applications in protein folding, cell biology, and engineering
Sander Rhebergen Applied Mathematics Discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods, Space-time finite element methods for deforming domain problems, Higher-order accurate finite element methods, Preconditioners, Fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, magma/mantle dynamics, two-phase flows
Serge D'Alessio Applied Mathematics Analytical and computational methods to solve viscous incompressible thermofluid flows.
Shai Ben-David  Computer Science Foundations of computer science and its applications, with a particular emphasis on statistical and computational machine learning
Soroosh Yazdani Google Computational Number Theory/Arithmetic Geometry
Stefan Steiner Statistics and Actuarial Science Business and industrial statistics focusing on process improvement
Stephen Vavasis Combinatorics and Optimization Continuous optimization and numerical analysis
Stephen Watt Computer Science Computer algebra (e.g. algorithms and applications of gcd and factorization of various sorts of polynomials), programming languages and compilers (e.g. implementation of dependent types, compiler optimizaions for programming languages with templates or genenerics, garbage collection),  pen-based computing (e.g. pen-based collaboration, mathematical handwriting recognition) and mathematical knowledge management (e.g. mathematical web services and digital mathematical libraries).
Sue Ann Campbell Applied Mathematics Computational models of biological neural networks, pattern formation in coupled oscillator networks with time delay
Tom Coleman Combinatorics and Optimization Development of computational methods and tools for compute-intensive and challenging problems with emphasis on applications and computing methodologies such as automatic differentiation and cluster computing technologies
Tony Wirjanto Statistics and Actuarial Science Statistical methodology for applications in the finance area
Toshiya Hachisuka Computer Science Physics-based rendering, light transport simulation, and numerical analysis for computer graphics
Vijay Ganesh Electrical and Computer Engineering

Boolean SAT and SMT solvers, theorem provers, solvers for combinatorial mathematics, foundations of mathematics, complexity theory

Walaa Moursi Combinatorics and Optimization Continuous optimization, non-smooth optimization, convex analysis, monotone operator theory 
Wayne Oldford Statistics and Actuarial Science Statistical reasoning, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, and the development of interactive computational environments that support these activities, comprise the broad areas of Professor Oldford's research interests.
William J. Cook Combinatorics and Optimization
Integer programming and combinatorial optimization
Yaoliang Yu Computer Science Machine learning, statistics, and optimization, with applications in computer vision and multimedia.
Yeying Zhu Statistics and Actuarial Science Causal inference, machine learning and the interface between the two
Yingli Qin Statistics and Actuarial Science Hypothesis testing for high-dimensional data with applications to gene sets testing and  estimating and testing for large dimensional covariance matrices using the random matrix theory
Yulia Gel Statistics and Actuarial Science Applications of statistics to business and finance, environmental modeling, and epidemiology. Time series analysis, spatio-temporal processes, nonparametrics, bootstrap and resampling, regularization for weakly dependent data, high-dimensional inference, statistical inference for random graphs and networks.
Yuri Boykov Computer Science Computer vision and biomedical image analysis with focus on modeling and optimization for structured segmentation, restoration, registration, stereo, motion, model fitting, recognition, photo-video editing and other data analysis problems
Yuying Li Computer Science Design, analysis and application of computational algorithms for continuous optimization problems and, more generally, problems in scientific computing