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Work Reports 

Work reports give students the opportunity to reflect on the connection between academic studies and work experiences. 

Your co-op work report should discuss the underlying problem you worked on, your approach to solving the problem, and the progress you made in solving it. The topic should be relevant but should not discuss details that are deemed confidential by your employer. The report does not have to discuss original research or relate to a new technical discovery but your report should relate your work term to your academic program.  

Your work report must have an identifiable analytic component. A report that compares and evaluates several items or alternatives using various criteria is analytical. A report on a single topic can be analytic if it discusses advantages and disadvantages. The topic should be related to your employer, the line of work undertaken by the organization, or business practices employed at their site.  

An analytic report contains constructive criticism and contains conclusions and recommendations. A report is unacceptable if it only contains a narrative, if it is simply a users’ guide or other documentation, or if you simply summarize your work term tasks.  

If you have difficulty identifying conclusions, then you likely have insufficient analytic content. A poorly written report may be rejected.