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Leland McInnes - Tutte Institute - March 21st 

Research Mathematician and Data Scientist at Tutte Institute for Mathematics and Computing

Unsupervised Learning
Topological Data Analysis is a relatively new field of research that seeks to bring powerful tools from algebraic topology to bear on practical problems in data science (where statistics has been the more traditional toolset). This talk, by Dr. Leland McInnes from the Tutte Institute for Mathematics and Computing, will begin by using topological methods to construct a new approach to dimension reduction, and then build out the theory to provide new approaches to clustering and anomaly detection. Our goal is to provide a unified topological approach to unsupervised learning.

Tim Merlis - McGill University - Febuary 25th  

Associate Professor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at McGill University

Canadian Research Chair (Tier 2) in Atmospheric and Climate Dynamics. 

Member of the McGill Space Institute

Monday 25th February, 2019
3:30pm in MC 5417
​refreshments at 3:15pm

High-resolution climate simulations to understand how global warming affects hurricanes 

In the last decade, global climate models have achieved sufficiently high resolution that they can simulate hurricanes, one of the most destructive forms of extreme weather. This new capability has been deployed to assess how human-caused global warming affects hurricanes. In this seminar, I will provide an overview of the technique and highlight results of my research that use simplified boundary conditions to understand the sensitivities of hurricanes to climate change. 

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