BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//Drupal iCal API//EN X-WR-CALNAME:Events items teaser BEGIN:VEVENT UID:63ab573bca734 DTSTART;TZID=America/Toronto:20201001T180000 SEQUENCE:0 TRANSP:TRANSPARENT DTEND;TZID=America/Toronto:20201001T180000 SUMMARY:Math GSA and CS GSA: Virtual Games Night CLASS:PUBLIC DESCRIPTION:Summary \n\nWe wanted to share some exciting news about an upco ming event! As you\nmay already be aware\, the CS GSA has partnered with t he Math GSA to\nbring you another online event. This time we will be hosti ng Jackbox\nsessions for you all to enjoy! This is a great opportunity to keep in\ntouch with your fellow grad students\, unwind for a bit\, and pla y some\nhilarious party games. The event will take place on October 1st\, from\n6:00pm-8:00pm (EDT). You can find the event through the Math Faculty \nGrad Students Team on Microsoft Teams.\n DTSTAMP:20221227T203611Z END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR