University of Waterloo COVID-19 update

Please see the University of Waterloo’s frequently asked questions for information about COVID-19 and how it has affected university operations.

Please visit the list of modified services if you have questions about university services.

Although the University of Waterloo is closed for in-person events until further notice, many virtual events and presentations of interest to computer scientists are taking place each week at the Cheriton School of Computer Science. Please check out what our students and faculty are doing.

800 - level courses

CS 840 Advanced Topics in Data Structures (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011084

CS 842 Advanced Topics in Language Design and Implementation (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011085

CS 846 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011086

CS 848 Advanced Topics in Data Bases (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011087

CS 850 Advanced Topics in Computer Architecture (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011088

CS 854 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011089

CS 856 Advanced Topics in Distributed Computing (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011090

CS 858 Advanced Topics in Cryptography, Security and Privacy (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 012992

CS 860 Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011091

CS 867 Advanced Topics in Quantum Computing(0.50) SEM, Course ID: 013470

CS 869 Advanced Topics in Logic Design (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011092

CS 870 Advanced Topics in Scientific Computation (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011093

CS 882 Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics (0.50) SEM , Course ID: 011304

CS 886 Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011094

CS 887 Advanced Topics in Symbolic Computation (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011095

CS 888 Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 011096

CS 889 Advanced Topics in Human Computer Interaction (0.50) SEM, Course ID: 012993

CS 898 Advanced Special Topics in Computer Science (0.50) SEM , Course ID: 011301