R. Trefler

Open background


745 - 001

Computer-Aided Verification

S. Al-Kiswany

Open background


 754 - 001

Advanced Distributed Systems

J. Watrous

CS 768 Quantum Information Processing or equivalent


766 - 001

Theory of Quantum Information

R. Cleve




Quantum Information Processing


A basic UG course on numerical methods and some experience in Python programming are strongly recommended. Students who have previously taken two or more courses on numerical methods, including a course on numerical linear algebra, are not recommended to take this course."

Similar UG courses are: CS 370, CS 371, AMATH 242, CS 335, ECE 204, CS 475, CS 476

SSC 770 Numerical Analysis
M. Grossman Open background AI 798 - 001 Advanced Research Topics: Artificial Intelligence: Law, Ethics and Policy

T. Brown

Data structures, C/C++ systems programming; concurrent and parallel proggramming helpful HS/ AC

798 - 002

Advanced Research Topics: Multicore Programming
P. Ragde Open background PLG 842 - 001 Advanced Topics in Language Design and Implementation: Dependent Types and Software Verification
M. Godfrey Basic CS undergrad background (including upper year systems courses) and/or professional software development experience SE 846 - 001 Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: Empirical Software Evolution
K. Daudjee Open background DB 848 - 001 Advanced Topics in Data Bases: Data Infrastructure
X. He The course is open to interested graduate students with sufficient mathematical maturity. Basic knowledge in algorithms, proof techniques, and probability will be assumed. Familiarity with databases and machine learning would help but is not necessary. DB 848 - 002 Advanced Topics in Data Bases: Privacy and Fairness in Data Science
O. Abari Open background HS 854 - 001 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: loT and Intelligent Connectivity
F. Kerschbaum An introductory course in security, privacy and cryptography AI/ HS 858 - 001 Security and Privacy for AI and Machine Learning
E. Blais   AC 860 - 001 Concentration Inequalities in Computer Science
R. Cohen Open background   898 - 001 Technological Solutions to Social Problems of Computers