Spring 2019 course offerings TENTATIVE

P. Alencar

Open background


CS 846-001

Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: Software Engineering for Big Data

D. Berry

Open background


CS 846-002

Advanced Topics in Software Engineering: Advanced Topics in Requirements Engineering

K. Salem

UG course in database systems


CS 848

DBMS for ML, ML for DBMS

D. Stinson

Some background in cryptography would be helpful but not required. Mathematical background in discrete math, algebra and probability would be helpful.


CS 858

Topic: Unconditionally Secure Cryptography (Combinatorial Cryptography)

L.C. Lau Linear algebra, probability theory, convex optimization, algorithms   860 -002 Topic: Spectral graph theory and high dimensional expanders
D. Gosset     867 Topic: Quantum Algorithms

E. Lank

Open background


CS 889

Qualitative and quantitative experimental design