Bioinformatics is an option that you can enroll in beginning second year that you can take to compliment your Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Mathematics degree.

To include an option with your academic plan, you can contact one of our advisors once you arrive on campus. You will not be able to apply directly.

If you are considering this option, we strongly recommend that you enroll in grade 12 chemistry to allow you to easily transition into the option without taking extra courses to catch up with the necessary material.

What you'll learn

A bioinformatics option will allow you to combine your interests in both molecular biology and information technology. Using sets of algorithms, you will learn how to store, retrieve, manipulate, visualize, analyze, integrate, and interpret data to help understand the vast array of life processes that occur in living cells.

Applications of bioinformatics include drug design, genome analysis (Human Genome Project), and medical diagnostic procedures.