Ondrej LhotákResearch interests

Professor Lhoták's research interests are generally in the area of programming languages, compilers, and program analysis, with a specific focus on object-oriented languages.
Program analysis has long been used to generate efficient code, and it is increasingly being used in software engineering tools. These applications require precise and efficient program analyses. The increased modularity enabled by object-oriented languages makes interprocedural analysis necessary for precise results. Therefore, Professor Lhoták is working on making precise interprocedural analyses efficient enough to be practical.

Degrees and awards

BMath (Waterloo), MSc, PhD (McGill)
NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement (2014-2017, 2010-2013);
CACS Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Award (2013);
Ontario Early Researcher Award (2010-2015);

Industrial and sabbatical experience

Professor Lhoták is one of the developers of abc, one of the two leading compilers for the AspectJ language.

Prior to graduate school, Professor Lhoták worked at iAnywhere/Sybase in Waterloo on the query execution engine of SQL Anywhere.

Representative publications

Ali K., Rapoport M., Lhoták O., Dolby J., Tip F., Constructing Call Graphs of Scala Programs, ECOOP 2014, July 2014.

Ali K., Lhoták O., Averroes: Whole-Program Analysis without the Whole Program, ECOOP 2013, July 2013.

Lhoták O., Chung K.-C. A., Points-To Analysis with Efficient Strong Updates, POPL 2011, January 2011.

Naeem N., Lhoták O., Rodriguez J., Practical Extensions to the IFDS Algorithm, CC 2010, March 2010.

Lhoták O., Hendren L., Relations as an abstraction for BDD-based program analysis, TOPLAS 30, 4, Article 19, 2008.

University of Waterloo
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