Srinivasan KeshavResearch interests

My research goal for the past several years has been to apply my expertise in computer networking to find innovative solutions to large-scale problems in energy systems. My focus is on using three revolutionary technologies—solar photovoltaic generators, energy storage, and pervasive sensing—to improve the efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of energy systems.

Degrees and awards

BTech (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi) (1986), PhD (California, Berkeley) (1991)

Cisco Systems Research Chair in Smart Grid (2012-2017); Canada Research Chair II in Tetherless Computing (2004-2014);

ACM Fellow (2012); Alfred P. Sloan Fellow in Computer Science (1997);
ACM SIGCOMM Test-of-time Award (2006);

Best Paper Awards at ACM eEnergy (2013), ACM Buildsys (2013), IEEE SmartGridComm (2012), ACM MOBICOM (2009), ACM SIGCOMM (1991)

Industrial and sabbatical experience

I was a Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories from 1991 to 1996, where I was involved in designing, implementing, and deploying the world's first wide-area IP-over-ATM network.
I joined Cornell as an Associate Professor in 1996 and served as a consultant to Lucent (Internet telephony), Ericsson (IP-based infrastructure), Intel (network simulation), Cabletron (native-model ATM), and Torrent Networks (high-speed routing).
I co-founded Ensim Corp. in 1998 and subsequently spent four years as full-time employee working on technology, products, marketing, and corporate strategy as CTO and Member, Board of Directors. Ensim's software allows Internet service providers and telcos to scalably and profitably host applications, primarily related to website hosting, on behalf of small to midsize enterprises.
I also co-founded GreenBorder Technologies, an enterprise class security solution vendor which was acquired by Google in 2007. I co-founded Astilbe Networks (now called Bee Networx) in 2007 to commercialize my research in opportunistic communication.
During 2010, I spent two months of my sabbatical visiting Technicolor Labs in Paris, France.
I solely or jointly hold 25 US and international patents. My research has been funded by grants from Hydro One, IBM, HP, Sprint, Microsoft, Cisco, and Intel, in addition to NSERC, CFI, ORF, and the Canada Research Chair Program.

Representative publications

O. Ardakanian, S. Keshav, and C. Rosenberg, Real-Time Distributed Control for Smart Electric Vehicle Chargers: From a Static to a Dynamic Study, To Appear, IEEE Trans on Smart Grids, May 2014.

Y. Ghiassi-Farrokhfal, S. Keshav, and C. Rosenberg. Towards Realistic Storage Modelling and Performance Analysis in Smart Grids, To Appear, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, May 2014.

T. Carpenter, S. Keshav, and J.W. Wong, Sizing Finite Population Vehicle Pools, IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Volume PP issue 99, Jan 2014.

P.X. Gao and S. Keshav, Optimal Personal Comfort Management Using SPOT+, Proc. BuildSys Workshop, 2013.

R.P. Singh, S. Keshav, and T. Brecht, A Cloud-Based Consumer-Centric Architecture for Energy Data Analytics, Proc. ACM e-Energy 2013, May 2013.

S. Keshav, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Networking, Addison-Wesley, 2012.

S. Keshav, An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking, Addison-Wesley, 1997.

University of Waterloo

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