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Technovation Waterloo is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and sponsors. Join us by getting involved in Technovation Waterloo.

Become a volunteer

Technovation needs many volunteers to make things happen (men and women). People like you.

  • Instructors teach the teams at organized workshops.
  • Coaches attend workshops to give one-on-one advice to teams.
  • Mentors guide the girls through the development of their apps and their businesses.
  • Judges review submissions from teams, offer feedback and encourage teams to keep building.

Become a sponsor

Technovation is funded through sponsorship from local companies. Consider becoming a sponsor.

  • Donate swag.
  • Fund Technovation T-shirts for the girls.
  • Offer prizes. Consider experiences for the girls, like tours of local companies, automatic acceptance into a youth developer program, or a summer internship. We’re open to ideas!
  • Host a workshop. Multiple companies can host together.
  • Host the live pitch competition.

Spread the word

You can help Technovation by spreading the word throughout the community.

  • Spread the word about Technovation within your place of work.
  • Spread the word about Technovation to girls ages 10–18.
  • Help recruit volunteers within your network.

For more detail, please download the Technovation Overview Presentation (10 MB PowerPoint presentation).