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Regional Pitch Event

Technovation Girls Waterloo logo

On May 11, 2019, the University of Waterloo teemed with excitement and anticipation as girls and young women from elementary and high schools in the region made their final pitches to the judges along with their teachers, mentors, family and friends.

Congratulations to all Technovation Girls Waterloo teams and their members! Every team worked hard and everyone should be proud of what they've accomplished. In total, 38 teams participated in the Technovation Girls Waterloo Challenge of which three have advanced to the semi-finals.

Congratulations to the Senior Division winning team Mission Squad 3.0 and the Junior Division winning teams The String Theorists and The Pacers. Congratulations also to the Junior Division runner-up teams Angel Wings, Tenacity and Little Women 2.0.


Team: Mission Squad 3.0Mission Squad 3.0

Project: Trash To-Go

App description
The app Trash To-Go offers an opportunity for consumers to obtain rewards from bringing their own reusable containers or taking their food items without unnecessary packaging at quick service restaurants, as well as a chance for restaurants to earn a good reputation and contribute to a more sustainable planet. Each time a consumer takes a step to be eco-friendly at a participating member's restaurant, they will get the chance to scan a QR code displayed at the cash register adding 100 points (valued at 50 cents) to their account, and they can redeem these points anytime at a participating member's restaurant. Trash To-Go gives everyone that extra push to reduce their consumption of single-use products by providing them with small discounts to compensate for the minor inconveniences.

Pitch video


Team: The String Theorists

Project: A.I.D.

App description
A big problem victims, organisations, and donors face when a natural disaster strikes is knowing what is needed. Phone lines are down and information is coming in from everywhere. In developed countries we are becoming more dependent on emergency wifi but still have no place to gather information, which is vital. Because of this, organisations and governments have to estimate the resources needed, and so do donors. Victims can put in the basic resources that they don't have and their location. Organisations will be able to choose a region on a map that they will focus on. They will have access to totals of all needed resources in their area and precise information. Lastly, donors can choose their preferred organisations and see what needs to be sent.

Pitch video

Team: The Pacers

Project: YouCanDonate

App description
The problem we are aiming to solve is excess food and clothes being discarded into landfills and the lack of supplies being donated to charities. We are affecting the environment by throwing out usable items every year. Over 58% of food wasted each year where 32% of it could be used. Similarly, 10 million tons of textile waste a year is dumped into North America's landfills. Our social-environmental app will help fight these crises and build a bridge between by allowing donors to notify a nearby charitable organization to collect their excess items. All they have to do is send an email to a nearby charity for pick up. The collector then can send a volunteer to pick up the items from the donor's doorstep.

Pitch video


Team: Angel Wings


App description
Our app takes you through the life of a person with a disorder, and lets you play through their life, like a choose your own adventure game. You get faced with scenarios with different consequences, and you deal head on with the things people with mental illnesses deal with everyday! In our game, we have 3 disorders; Anxiety, Schizophrenia, and, PTSD. The number of disorders can easily be extended by adding the disorder questions and answers to the input file.

Pitch video

Team: Tenacity

Project: Walking School Bus

App description
The Walking School Bus App will allow parents to know when the walking school bus will be coming near their home. It will also allow the parents to know where the routes are located. Our app allows you to create an account, sign in, track a route and record a route as a route leader.

Pitch video

Team: Little Women 2.0

Project: StressLess

App description
Stress is a world wide problem that keeps on getting worse and worse. We know we will never be able to put a final stop to it, but our app wasn't built to do that. Our app, StressLess, is an app to help the users, (Ranging mostly for teenagers aged 13-18 who deal with overload in school work and studying) Deal with their stress and find ways to help them get back on track at school and at home.

Pitch video


The Technovation Waterloo Live Pitch Event was sponsored by Google.

With thanks and gratitude to all our sponsors. We couldn't have done it without your generous support.

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