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Technovation Girls Waterloo wrapped up their season on May 4 with 28 teams of girls age 10-18 submitting an app to solve a local or global issue. Teams were judged on their ability to address the issue with the app created, to determine who would advance to the next round.

Four of our Waterloo teams, Flaming MMAKEr’s, TeamRCK, Tech Savvy and YASS, have advanced to the semifinals, with one of those teams, YASS, being the top-scoring team in the junior division (ages 10-14) for the round in all of Canada!

Congratulations to all Technovation Girls Waterloo teams and their members! Every team worked hard and everyone should be proud of what they've accomplished. 


Team: Flaming MMAKEr’s

Project: Help Out

App description: Our app is to help connect people who need help with everyday tasks with people, especially youth, who can help.
The idea started with us seeing our grandparents struggle to do things, and we decided that we should help!
Enter.... HelpOut!

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Team: TeamRCK

Project: FlowCater

App description: FlowCator is an app which allows females to share their menstrual products with one another. This is useful for girls who are new to their periods and/or may forget to bring extra products with them. Being able to share your products with one another is a great way to feel less anxious and stressed when an unexpected period happens. This app encourages girls to support one another to help avoid what can be an embarrassing situation.

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Team: Tech Savvy

Project: Plan-It Wise

App description: Peoples’ wasteful acts are harming the planet. For example, we are using private vehicles instead of carpooling or bikes and using single-use plastics for everyday use, both causing climate change. In Canada, annually, vehicles contribute to 43% of carbon emissions. Furthermore, single-use plastics and 91% of “recycled” plastic waste ends up in landfills or are incinerated releasing toxic gasses that cause many deaths and diseases.
Plan-It Wise will solve these problems by helping users locate carpool partners, bike-sharing locations, suggestions on single-use plastic alternatives, and identify recyclable plastics and its recycling facilities. This solution will combat climate change.

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Team: YASS

Project: Food4You

App description: Food4You, is a great way to connect non-profit organizations, restaurants and grocery stores to help our community. Non-profits will be able to use this food, that would otherwise go to waste, to help feed those in need in our community. Grocery stores and restaurants will be able to post on our app to let the members of our Food4You not for profit community what food they have to share such as, dairy, bread, fruit, vegetables and more. Non-profits will text/email the businesses and arrange to pick up the food.

This app will greatly improve access to healthy food for those that suffer from food insecurity in our community.

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Technovation Girls Waterloo would like to thank it’s community partners for supporting the teams this year. Our community partners, in no particular order, Auvik, Axonify, Catalyst 137, Concept by Velocity, D2L, eSentire, Google, IBMSTEM4Girls, Shopify, SAP, Terminal, and Velocity. A huge thank you to all of the mentors, coaches, speakers and judges that made this season a success!

Auvik, Axonify, Catalyst 137, Concept by Velocity, D2L, eSentire, Google, IBMSTEM4Girls, Shopify, SAP, Terminal, and Velocity