The Computing and Financial Management (CFM) program is a professional program that combines a significant number of the core courses from two reputable and challenging programs: (1) core of the Bachelor of Computer Science plus (2) core of the Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management - finance specialization.

Students who are successful in CFM manage their time between these two challenging disciplines appropriately, which requires:

  • strong organization, time management, and independent work skills.
  • dedication of approximately 40 hours per week to studies inside and outside of the classroom
  • being proactive and taking responsibility for your learning and success
  • review and preparation in advance of the class where the material will be covered
  • consistent attendance in classes, tutorials and labs
  • completing homework and assignments on time
  • studying for tests and exams
  • using a variety of resources and supports on campus

The successful professional student

Current CFM students were asked to identify words that best described a successful CFM student. Here's what they came up with:

  • Problem solver
  • Multi-tasker
  • Curious
  • Ambitious
  • Risk-taker
  • Open-minded
  • Self-starter
  • Enthusiastic
  • Organized
  • Likes a challenge

Students who find that they're not as successful in the CFM program as they wish to be are strongly encouraged to speak with the Program Manager or their professors about the difficulties they are experiencing. There are a number of resources available to CFM students to support them throughout the program from first year to graduation.