The Computing and Financial Management Mentorship Program is an opportunity for incoming students to be paired with and mentored by upper-year students. Transitioning into university can be an exciting but challenging experience and the friendly advice of can help to ease the transition throughout the first year.

Mentors are student volunteers who are happy to welcome you to the CFM community and are interested in:

  • Sharing what it’s like to be a CFM student
  • Talking about their co-op and academic experiences
  • Providing tips for effective time management
  • Offering advice in securing your first co-op position
  • Recommending places to study or eat on campus
  • What they think is important for a first year student to know

Take a closer look at our mentors by reading their profiles and reach out if you have any questions about their experiences and interests. Networking is a key skill for a successful career, it's a good idea to start now!

                                           Click on a mentor’s photo to read about their student experience.

Aaleya ChandlerAaleya Chandler, 2A

Alex WooAlexander Woo, 3B

Allison ZhangAllison Zhang, 3B


Andrew NituAndrew Nitu, 2A

Aniththa UmamahesanAniththa Umamahesan, 4A

Daniel YangDaniel Yang, 2A


Hanyu QuHanyu Qu, 3A

Ildar Nasirov
Ildar Nasirov, 2A

Isabella LiIsabella Li, 3B


Jiannan WangJiannan Wang, 4B

Jimmy ZhouJimmy Zhou, 3A

Julia FungJulia Fung, 2A


Justin Lao, 3AJustin Lao, 3A

Kinton CheungKinton Cheung, 3A

Reginald TaoReginald Tao, 3A


Risha Thapar, 2ARishab Thapar, 3A

Selena YangSelena Yang, 2A

Shriya ChhabraShriya Chhabra, 2A