Co-op and professional development

CFM bolsters a solid academic foundation in computer science and finance with an impressive 2 years of relevant and varied work experiences facilitated through the world's largest co-op program.

Everyone who graduates from the CFM program participates in up to 6 co-op work terms. That's 6 opportunities to build your skills, expand your industry knowledge, and develop a network of industry contacts. CFM graduates bring a unique, interdisciplinary skill set to the market place that banks, insurance, investments, risk management, and other technology-dependent organizations are looking for. Find out more about the co-op advantage.

Employers recognize the value of experiential learning and you will too! Waterloo's reputation will help you stand out.

Co-op requirements

Computing and Financial Management students must not only comply with the academic requirements of the program, but also the co-op requirements. Since CFM is a co-op only program, you cannot graduate with a CFM degree if you don't meet the following co-op requirements: 

  • Minimum of 5 work terms
  • Minimum of 4 work reports
  • Minimum of 5 Professional Development (PD) courses
  • Maintain a cumulative average of at least 60%

Please refer to the Math Faculty Policies for further details.

Professional development

The Professional Development (PD) program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills to improve their employability and their workplace productivity. These courses encourage students to reflect on connections between the workplace, their academic courses and their career path.

CFM students are required to complete 5 PD courses including Co-op Fundamentals (PD1) and Processes for Technical Report Writing (PD11). The remaining 3 professional development courses can be chosen from the following topics:

PD courses are taken in addition to the 40 courses required to complete the degree requirements. The first PD course (PD1) must be taken in the term prior to your first work term. For CFM students, PD1 is normally taken in 1B. The second PD course (PD2) and subsequent courses are normally taken during co-op work terms beginning with PD2 during your first work term. For CFM students, PD2 is normally taken in the spring following first year. All PD courses are offered online.

CFM students must submit a work report following every work term until they have completed four acceptable work reports. Successful completion of PD2 meets the requirement for the first work report.