Transferring to Computing and Financial Management

At some point in your university career, you may come to realize that another program is better suited to your interests and career aspirations. Each year, a good number of students inquire about transferring and do transfer into Computing and Financial Management (CFM).

If you're interested in transferring to our program, please review our requirements for consideration.

Minimum requirement (Waterloo students): We look for a cumulative average of at least high 70s or low 80s in your university courses and that you've demonstrated strength in Math (minimum high 70s in each of these courses), CS (low 80s in each of these courses), and business courses (minimum high 70s in each of these courses – example, accounting and financial management, economics, arts and business) taken to date. You also have to be currently enrolled in a co-op program. If you're currently a Math Regular student, you'll need to review the requirements to transfer from regular to co-op

This information below was last updated May 2018.

Process for requesting a transfer to CFM

If you meet the minimum requirement, select the category that applies to you and follow the steps to request a transfer into CFM.

** Please note that transfers into CFM are assessed on a case-by-case basis and are reviewed on request each term. Selection is based on academic merit and space availability in the program. The requirements above are minimums for consideration and may not reflect the actual cut offs for selection into the program; this is based on the number and calibre of students interested in transferring each term.