About the Conflict Management Certificate Program

Conflict Management Certificate Program workshop


The Conflict Management Certificate Program, at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies believes that each person can learn how to deal with conflict in a healthy, effective manner. Stress, anger and broken relationships need not result. Instead, conflict can provide an opportunity to explore new ideas and work more competently/productively with others.

The program is based at Conrad Grebel University College, University of Waterloo, and grows out of the peace and justice tradition of the Mennonite faith.

We work in partnership with practitioners from established organizations, as well as highly respected independent trainers.

Partners include:


The program's expert trainers provide highly interactive workshops that draw on experiential learning models. A variety of approaches to conflict management and mediation are explored. Participants can discover ways of managing conflict that fit their interests and context.

Workshops are open to the public and can be taken for interest only or can fulfil the requirements for one or more certificate streams or work towards educational requirements for formal accreditation with provincial mediation associations.

Some workshops overlap among concentrations. As a result, those workshops can be used towards the completion of each certificate. Workshops can be taken in any order to tailor a program that meets your individual needs and interests.