Certificate Program Graduate Presenting at ACR 2012 Annual Conference

Friday, August 31, 2012

Congratulations to Jason Dykstra, who is one of a few Canadians invited to present a session at the Association for Conflict Resolution 2012 Annual Conference in New Orleans in September. Jason will be joining Patricia Porter of San Antonio, Texas to discuss:

Bridging the Online Gap with Social Media Networks

The world is constantly changing. People from different geographical areas with different cultural backgrounds, values, religious beliefs and economic means are flocking to the Internet and signing up for social media sites in masses. We have the ability to communicate without barriers. What does this mean for the conflict resolution field and the general community? How can we leverage social media networks to be co-creative, establish connections, and educate the community about conflict resolution? Come and learn how two professionals are using social media to educate the community about the conflict resolution field.


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