"Circles" recognized by ADR Institute of Canada

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On June 28, 2012, The Board of Directors of the ADR Institute of Canada approved a motion providing that "Circles" can be counted as cases for the Q.Med and C.Med designations, provided the competencies required in a mediation, as set out in Appendix A (see below) of the C.Med requirements are required in the Circle process.

Appendix A


1. Ability to establish and describe to the disputants key mediation processes and ground rules, such as confidentiality, role of the mediator, caucusing, authority to settle, and respectful behaviour

2. Ability to work with strongly felt ideas or values of the disputants

3. Ability to separate the mediator's personal values from issues under consideration

4. Ability to work with the parties effectively to get the facts, issues and perceptions clearly out on the table

5. Ability to treat the parties and to run the mediation process in a fair, impartial, respectful and dignified manner

6. Ability to ensure that all parties have an opportunity to participate in the process

7. Ability to preserve parties' autonomy in decision-making

8. Ability to uncover parties’ needs and interests

9. Ability to address ethical issues in mediation in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct, through discussion of an Ethical Dilemma

For full details contact ADR Canada or ADR Ontario

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