Job Posting Executive Director, Rittenhouse (Part-time position)

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Executive Director, Rittenhouse
Part-time permanent position

 Organization: Founded in 1990, Rittenhouse is an abolitionist organization that advocates for community-led alternatives to incarceration, punishment and social exclusion.

 Our mission is informed by a commitment to transformative justice, an approach that is based on Indigenous justice practices. A transformative approach views conflict as an opportunity to work with affected parties and communities to address the underlying sources of harm, and to transform those conditions.  It assumes that the people most affected by conflict should be directly involved in processes of resolution and justice, to the greatest extent possible. Transformative Justice recognizes the importance of accountability and responsibility, both for individuals and for organizations involved in justice work. It seeks non-exclusionary outcomes that maintain relationships between people and communities.

 For more information on the work we do please visit our website at

 Position: Rittenhouse is seeking an executive director on a permanent, part-time basis. The position is currently funded for two days a week, with a possibility of increased hours through fundraising for core or project funds. This person will report to the board of directors.

 Salary: $60,000/year pro-rated to two days a week ($24,000)


  • Knowledge/understanding of the Canadian legal system; carceral/prison abolition; transformative justice; community accountability; harm reduction
  • History of providing public education/trainings/workshops
  • Experience with chairing/facilitating meetings
  • Familiarity with circle-keeping/mediation/conflict resolution
  • Experience with non-profit fundraising/grant-writing
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently, and to work effectively with diverse groups of people
  • Basic book-keeping experience is preferred
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Grounding in and commitment to ARAO and intersectionality
  • Ability to build relationships with and work with correctional staff in order to develop/implement programs inside prisons
  • Lived experience is highly valued
    * We understand that applicants may not have all of the qualifications on this list. A commitment to build capacity and develop new skills is also an invaluable asset.
    Please send cover letter and resumés to
    Closing date for applications is Friday, December 13th at 5 pm
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