Betty Pries, C. Med.

Marg van Herk Paradis
Jason Dykstra

November 2019

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Prior mediation experience and/or training in the Certificate in Conflict Management and Mediation Program required for this workshop in order to receive a rich learning experience.

The Art of Mindful Mediation

When they are at their best, mediators listen carefully and closely to the needs expressed by their clients. When deep listening is supported by the practice of mindful presence, mediators discover a depth within from which it is possible to be excellent at both the technical skills and the healing art of transforming conflict. The Art of Mindful Mediation is designed to:

a) introduce participants to a mediation style that purposefully shifts according to the needs expressed by the clients;

b) invite participants to re-imagine the types of questions mediators ask to expand the potential of transforming conflict;

c) draw from the interior condition of the mediator to invite participants to bring their best selves to the table.

Key themes addressed in this workshop:

  • A mediation model that draws from a spectrum of existing mediation styles (transformative, narrative, evaluative, etc.) to intentionally shift with the needs of the clients;
  • Mindfulness practices that encourage presence and deep listening;
  • The “both-and” of conflict technician and conflict healing work – exploring the questions and statements posed within mediation sessions to allow both to occur;
  • Self-reflection regarding one’s own interior condition and teaching about how this space becomes a resource for awakening the best in participants;
  • Opportunities for to practice mediation and receive feedback from experienced mediators.