Transformative Mediation

Kevin Lanctot


April 30-May 3, 2019 (Tuesday - Friday) - ONE SPOT still available ( April 17/2019) to register contact Bernice Burnett of Community Justice Initiatives via email 519-744-6549 ext. 119

September 20 - 21 & 27 - 28, 2019    (Friday/Saturday, Friday/Saturday)

April/May - Conrad Grebel University College  Room 2202

September - CJI Office, 49 Queen Street N, Kitchener

$650.00 (no HST)

Contact Bernice Burnett of Community Justice Initiatives via email 519-744-6549 ext. 119. or online at their website

Using a combination of presentations, interactive exercises, role plays, and discussions, this 28-hour workshop explores the transformative model of mediation and offers practical mediation skills that support this approach. Transformative mediation helps cultivate positive changes in the way the parties view themselves, the other participant and their interaction. This approach is particularly effective when the parties feel either that the situation is hopeless or that the other party is unreasonable.

Appreciated the hands-on nature of the workshop.

I enjoyed the workshop. The presentation was excellent and the role-plays were important (and I liked the participants). Everything flowed well.

Very worthwhile and informative. Enjoyed the relaxed approach. Excellent course!

The sessions include:

  • Understanding the structure and dynamics of conflict
  • Conflict resolution styles
  • Communication skills
  • Mediation styles
  • Transformative mediation
    • Empowerment and recognition
    • Key mediation tasks
      • Building the process
      • Sharing perspectives
      • Developing clarity
      • Developing options
      • Making decision
  • Role-plays
  • Issues in mediation
  • Conflict and culture
  • Power

Note: If you would like to apply to become a volunteer at Community Justice Initiatives (CJI) there are additional sessions that you are required to attend. This includes a Volunteer Orientation (evening) and Volunteer Premise Orientation (evening). For volunteering as a Community Mediator you must complete the Transformative Mediation workshop and a one day Practical Skills workshop. Completion of the training does not guarantee placement as a volunteer. Please check the Community Justice Initiatives website for full details and dates.

This workshop is offered in partnership with Community Justice Initiatives, Kitchener.