Organizational Conflict Approaches

Workplace Assessment, Mediation, and Group Facilitation

Rick Russell and Heather Swartz

April 11-14, 2023

8:30 am - 1:30 pm EDT


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5% discount available if registered and paid four weeks prior



This workshop targets Human Resource and Labour Relations professionals as well as conflict management professionals looking to include organizational and workplace interventions to their constellation of services. Participants are introduced to workplace mediation as well as a variety of working models and skills for conducting workplace assessment and providing workplace rehabilitation. These include Relationship Capacity Building Workshops GAP Analysis and Circle Processes.

Who should attend?

Human resource specialists and generalists as well as managers and administrators who are responsible for resolving conflict within an organization. This workshop will be of particular interest to family and commercial mediators who are looking to broaden the scope of their work beyond mediation and to include workplace conflict management as a key part of their professional practice.

This workshop is offered in partnership with Agree Incorporated, Dundas, Ontario.

What will you learn in this workshop?

  • an approach to conflict that is coherent, flexible and responsive to the variety of organizational cultures that you are likely to encounter,
  • effective intake methods and checklists,
  • how the mediation model can be effectively adapted to workplace conflict,
  • how to decide whether to use an internal or external mediator of consultant,
  • how to identify and work with a variety of Social Styles,
  • how to introduce an interest based process into a rights or power-based culture,


  • writing up agreements thoroughly in simple, practical language,
  • what should be included in a consultant's engagement letter,
  • questioning and re-framing skills,
  • what to do about damaged trust within an organization or work team,
  • ethical issues surrounding the use of interest based dispute resolution in organizations,
  • what is involved in workplace assessment and restoration processes, and
  • how to design a sound team capacity building process.


Day 1

  • The simplified stages of mediation and five phase model
  • Conflict Management Skills 1: questioning and information gathering skills
  • A checklist of effective intake questions
  • The Social Styles model of communication
  • Working with other Social Styles
  • The relationship of interests, rights and power as domains of problem solving

Day 2

  • Stages of mediation demonstrated
  • Workplace specific mediation role-plays
  • Conflict Management Skills 2: identifying, framing and reframing issues
  • Memorializing agreements
  • Model engagement letters for mediation and workplace assessment

Day 3

  • Attribution and the dynamics of trust
  • Confidence building measures and procedural trust strategies
  • Ethical issues for the internal and external conflict manager
  • Capacity building workshops and circle processes
  • Workplace assessment and workplace restoration


"Extremely practical and extremely relevant to the workforce and business development."


"Good that we got into some working with unions more. A bonus that corporate circle was not only introduced but that we got to try it out."


"Great course for those in a role of change management as well."


"The pedagogy for the workshop was excellent - excellent teaching strategies and experiential learning opportunities."