Peacemaking Circles Training

Kay PranisJennifer BallTahnahga Myres

June 14 - 17, 2023

8:30 am - 4:30 pm EST

Conrad Grebel University College, Waterloo, ON


$925 + HST - See registration for applicable discounts.


Peacemaking Circles provide a way to bring people together to have difficult conversations, to work through conflict or differences and to build relationships. The Circle process is a way of getting the most complete picture people can of themselves, each other and the issue at hand to enable them to move together in a good way. Circles are based on an assumption of positive potential – that something good can always come out of whatever situation we are in. Circles also assume that no one of us has the whole picture – that it is only by sharing all of our perspectives that we can come closer to a complete picture.

The peacemaking Circle process is being used for decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution and community building in schools, neighbourhoods, workplace, family and the criminal justice system.

This introductory training will explore:

  • foundational values and philosophy of Circle practice,
  • ceremony and ritual of Circles,
  • structure of Circle process,
  • practical applications of Circle process,
  • initiating the Circle process,
  • challenges in Circles
  • Circle facilitation skills

Testimonials from past workshops, which includes participants from New York City, Ottawa and Melbourne, Australia.

On June 28, 2012, The Board of Directors of the ADR Institute of Canada approved a motion providing that "Circles" can be counted as cases for the Q.Med and C.Med designations, provided the competencies required in a mediation, as set out in Appendix A of the C.Med requirements are required in the Circle process. See ADRIO website for details of the designation requirements.


"My world is richer for having attended this circle."


"Glad I came or would have missed out on an amazing experience."


"Amazing, powerful and useful experience."


"I would recommend this course to others interested in looking at a new way to approach problem solving and conflict resolution. A new way to connect with each other, that deepens our ability to truly connect and together create/build a better way."