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The Conrad Centre is an immersive educational environment for entrepreneurs. Located at a university rated the most innovative in Canada, in a region ranked in the top startup ecosystems in the world, the Conrad Centre is the academic engine for entrepreneurship, offering programs that are entrepreneurial by design.


  1. Mar. 15, 2017Four wins in one weekend for Conrad teams competing across CanadaRichard Yim pitches at NBTC

    Last weekend, four teams of Conrad students took home major prizes at entrepreneurship competitions in Halifax, Manitoba, and Toronto. Enterprise Co-op teams pitched and won at the National Business and Technology Conference (NBTC) and the Ted Rogers Management Conference Startup Summit in Toronto.

  2. Mar. 6, 2017UWaterloo team wins Hult Prize Regional Finals with social venture to aid refugee integration Hult Prize team at the Regional Finals
    Team EPOCH, supported by the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre, is one of five teams from across the globe to advance to the $1M finals.

  3. Mar. 1, 2017MBET students compete in national and international business plan competitionsDaniel and Horacio at the Cardinal Challenge

    ‘Tis the season for business plan competitions for Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) students at Conrad.

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  1. Mar. 28, 2017Enterprise Co-op Information SessionEnterprise Co-op students at a pitch event in Toronto

    In Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op), students start and grow their own business while earning a co-op credit. E Co-op is open to students from all faculties with any type of business concept: no-tech, low-tech, high-tech, service, consulting and more.

  2. Apr. 4, 2017Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology information webinarMBET alumnus Benny Hua

  3. Apr. 10, 2017Last Day to Apply to Enterprise Co-op

    Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) allows students to pursue an entrepreneurial co-op option in which students start their own business while earning a co-op credit.

    E Co-op is open to students from all faculties with any type of business concept: no-tech, low-tech, high-tech, service, consulting and more. If you have an idea you want to take to market and have the passion to build your venture, Enterprise Co-op may be for you. We are looking for students with:

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  1. Nov. 14, 2016Startup insights and sauerkraut at Techtoberfest

    “Ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy, oi oi oi!” was the chant to start off the fun at Techtoberfest, an annual tech event hosted by Communitech with the support of some amazing sponsors.

  2. Oct. 31, 2016MBET Ignition Week: a mosaic of cultures and ideas comes togetherMBET Class on the first day of Ignition Week

    Imagine a blank canvas stands in front of you. In one hand you hold a palette with varying colours of paint. In your other hand, a paint brush. Now, you proceed to paint.

  3. Aug. 25, 2016From customer discovery to Kickstarter: Sienci Labs in Enterprise Co-opSienci team at a maker faire booth

    Andy Lee's Enterprise Co-op term is coming to an end this month, but he and his co-founders at Sienci Labs are busier than ever with the launch of their Kickstarter campaign. The campaign aims to bring the Sienci Mill One, an affordable and user-friendly desktop CNC milling machine, into the hands of creative makers across the world.

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