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Founded in 2002 by Dr. Howard Armitage, the Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre is a part of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and was developed to support, build upon, and expand Waterloo's culture of entrepreneurship.

The Conrad Centre builds on Waterloo’s reputation as a University known for:

  • connectivity to the outside world,
  • research on advanced technologies,
  • a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship,
  • exceptional students and the reputation for producing the leaders of tomorrow.

Conrad’s Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) degree is distinctively Waterloo – providing students with an opportunity to pursue an intense, innovative and unique entrepreneurial business program focused on new venture creation. We work with organizations from around the globe to create high-impact learning experiences that develop decision-makers that drive innovation and accelerate success.

Campus-wide, Conrad takes pride in developing initiatives to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship. We offer the Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) program, an entrepreneurial focused co-op option for undergraduate students looking to start their own business; the Minor in Entrepreneurship, which consists of eight academic courses and an experiential component (such as E Co-op); and the Entrepreneurship Option in Engineering, a six-course program that also includes an experiential component.

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